My expectations for Manchester United

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My expectations for Manchester United

הודעהעל ידי mnahyyi » 07 ינואר 2018, 12:14

My expectations for Manchester United before the game is still very high, do not say how the game content, get at least 3 points should not be a problem. Manchester United before the opponents are solid points, but now they are playing so struggling. Manchester United currently title competition has been very difficult, the first four may be a more reasonable positioning. I'd like to see where Jose Mourinho can take this Manchester United because I think he has lost control of the locker room.

Guardiola probably will not think so, in the just past summer window, Manchester City has signed Edson, Walker, Mendi and other defense heavyweights Kevin Fiala Jersey, one by one last season to fill the loopholes. Guardiola still want to sign a central defender, after all, captain Compagni suffered injuries, although Stone made great progress and can play a big responsibility, but his age and lack of experience is still his weakness Filip Forsberg Jersey.

To this end, melon handsome had wanted to sign the former window guard post in the summer window Evans, and in Liverpool and Southampton to Van Dijk stiff Anton Volchenkov Jersey, there is also news that Manchester City also intends to compete for the Dutch defender, and with the Van Dijk signed Liverpool for 75 million pounds, Guardiola also pointed out that, perhaps in the future, 75 million pounds of Van Dijk will be considered as bargains Matt Irwin Jersey.
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