As early as 2001

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As early as 2001

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As early as 2001, the Lakers set up the first statue of the team history, its owner is the first generation of "Zijin Corps" superstar George - McCann Erickson, but because the Lakers are still in Minneapolis during the effectiveness of McCain, so The statue is not set at the Staples Center door, but at the Timberwolves home target center. McCann Erickson played for the Lakers from 1948 to 1956, averaging 23.1 points and 13.4 rebounds and 2.8 assists, four All-Star All-Star, five-time All-Star team, led the Lakers 5 times to win the championship

Throughout the hottest term on the live stream, Bryant goes without saying that Earth people understand. Among the remaining two hot words, "Congratulation" is easier for everyone to understand. As for the "university", almost bound together with "Congratulatory Eric Fehr Jersey," we can conclude that college fans still occupy a considerable proportion of all fans who send the barrage, which is also with our understanding of the young college People like to participate in the basic image of the same comment.

However, sources also pointed out that both Knight and Little Thomas themselves wanted to ensure his return, and they wanted Little Thomas to go on a prolonged campaign to avoid occasional rest from pain. To do that, Little Thomas may not be back later this month, which means he can not play in this year's Christmas war away to defending champion Braves away game. In the first week of January next year, the Knights will face the Blazers, Celtics and Magic three teams.
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